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Taking Back Christmas and Other Family Celebrations

Is intended to bring readers both resources and motivation to equip families to approach holidays with a different goal -- to honor Christ and model their faith while making memories that matter. 

Book - Taking Back Christmas

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Book Comments

I will always remember the first “Turning Holidays into Holy Days” workshop I went to. It truly inspired me to take each opportunity to share Jesus in everything. I always look forward to each holiday and can’t wait to emphasize the Lord in each one. - Trena Pendergrass

Reading Lettie’s “Holiday Helps” booklet was life-changing for me, which means life-changing for my girls, which means a lifetime of Christ-centered traditions. Now I can share and celebrate the truth of each occasion with my two daughters. The writings especially blessed me with a brand new and exciting love for Christmas and we will forever celebrate this holy day with Christ at the center of it. My prayer is that my daughters will embrace the new Christ-centered traditions and pass them on to their children in hope that the truth may be shared and celebrated for generations to come. Tammy Haney Murray

I loved your book on the holidays when Amy was younger. I have picked it up and re-read it at different times through the years. It was a “keeper”, not a book I wanted to pass on. - Linda Sims Goble

You gave me hope in the chaos of my life that I, too, may be making memories that will form the outcome of the gifts that are my children. Thank you for being vulnerable with your triumphs, techniques, and even your grief so that you could provide hope, purpose, and direction on how to be very intentional about our role as mothers. - Pamela Scarborough

When I attended your workshop on “Making Holidays Holy Days,” I was excited to learn ways to have Advent devotions throughout the Christmas season. I began celebrating Advent and have continued to do so through the years. - Annita Arthur

Taking Back Christmas and Other Family Celebrations will offer inspiring and creative ways to help families tuck away God’s truth. Tools will be gained for use in the home, at Sunday School, with grandchildren, and wherever God puts children for us to influence. - Kathryn Ervin

Loved your new book! I have read the whole thing tonight! I'm loaning both books to a girl at work tomorrow. Thanks so much for the wonderful example you have been to me! - Cindy Jenkins

I planned to “save” the book to read when we went on vacation. But I couldn’t wait and am already halfway through. The cover is colorful and eye-catching. The tips are inspiring and insightful. I wish I’d had this information when my kids were young. My favorite tip is to turn holidays into holy days. This will make a significant difference in how I view each one.  I’ll be praying that God will use this book to reach the many mothers who need this important advice. - Nancy Vineyard