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Glimpses of Grace: Stories of Hope

Provides readers with the encouragement of true stories that declare God's grace-filled presence in heartache and loss. They also clearly proclaim the power He provides to overcome even the most painful circumstances.


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Tennessee Christian Reader Book Review

Book Comments

I immediately started reading it the same day I received and could not stop crying and remembering.  Your writings are beautiful and such a testament to your faith. But what comes through so loudly is yours and Tom's constant faith throughout your lives as God saw you through each event and crisis. As I read each story I was so moved and reminded by the truth of God's words that He will never give us more than we can handle and that He will be with us through each step....taking care of all things. - Phyllis James

The book is delightful. In reading it, I laughed, I cried, I rejoiced, all at the same time.  Thank you for allowing God to use you as His instrument in writing to share laughter, joy, love, and His grace of endurance to others. - Charlotte Pierce

Thank you so much for the book. I have read it in its entirety, laughed, cried, and rejoiced. I will definitely share it with others and will watch with anticipation for future books from your pen. You are an excellent writer and convey the GRACE of our loving Lord which is so abundant and free. Through your many disappointments and heartaches in this life, you have shown your readers that GOD IS SUFFICIENT!! But it takes a yielded and obedient heart, and you have supplied that part.
God bless you - Roberta Harper

Lettie, I got it today and have read about two thirds of it. WOW! I'm amazed at the faith path and the grace God has shown you through it all. I'm so glad I got the book! I didn't know all youve been through. I don't know that I've personally known anyone who has gone through so much with so much faith. - Edna Pollier

Thanks for sending a copy of "Glimpses of Grace: Stories of Hope." My husband, Matt, started reading and couldn't put it down. I read it last week while at the Tennessee Baptist Convention in route to Nashville. I didn't realize you had so many stressful situations in your life. Only through the grace of God have you survived. The book touches the heart of human frailties and offers hope to those in need. You did a wonderful job. The cover is beautiful. - Carolyn R. Tomlin

Loved the book - read it in one sitting - thanks again for including Daddy's story! - Debbie Brandon

Wow the book is great. I got it yesterday. Ava soon picked it up and started reading it. She was just drawn to it. - Gale Walker

Lettie, It was so good to see you at you book signing. When I got home, I sat down and read GLIMPSES OF GRACE Stories of Hope from cover to cover. Your life has sure been one that is a witness to the faithfulness of God's promise to be with us and to guide us in our decisions.
The book is very readable and well put together. I especially enjoyed the pictures. The cover is fantastic. May God continue to inspire you so that you may continue writing. Love - Kay (Freeman)

I savored the first three stories on the way to the restaurant last night. They are filled with His strength and your obedience. My favorite was against all the odds.
Glimpses of Grace is a delight. God must be pleased. Look forward to reading the rest.
Love in Christ - Nancy

My two favorite scriptures are Jeremiah 29:11 and Phils 4:6-7. When your first story had that scripture, I was hooked big time...I have to let you know how big a deal it is that I love to read what you write....I am a terrible reader...really slow, but I love to read things like yours that is so encouraging. With your willingness to share your heart...you will encourage many others to keep trust God's heart when they can't trace His hand.
Don't ever second guess sharing with others what God has done for you...that is your ministry my friend. Love you. - Brenda (Hannah)

Lettie, I read most of your book today. I kept carrying it around with me and reading on it. It is wonderful. As soon as I finish it I am going to let two of my friends read it. I am soooo proud of you. The reason I didn't read it all the way through is because it was making me cry at times so I had to stop and regroup. I love the internet bride. Even though I had read most of your stories, they still seemed fresh to me. The cover is just the best! Congratulations. - Linda Goble

I finished your book and I was very touched by your words. I knew many of the stories and I felt like it was part of my family. Thank you so much for sharing the how God provided a way when you had to think there was no way. It really will be a blessing to many. Thanks again. Love you - Sandy

I received the book yesterday afternoon and stayed up last night and read it. It is a good insight into her life and I am sure she will reap from them. A good book for someone who is on the fence with GOD and is wondering why me. I enjoyed the book and am proud you are one of her prayer partners. I will pass the book on to our prayer group at church and know they will be enlightened by it. Again thank you. - Love, Tilli


I want you to know how much I am enjoying your book. It is absolutely great. I am enjoying every page. You did a great job. I am ready for the next one, so hurry up. - John Ogle

I've already read "Glimpses of Grace."  It is a wonderful book, and I couldn't put it down.  Thank you for sharing these "glimpses" from your life and the lives of others.  They were a blessing to me, and I know they will be to countless others. - Dianne McCleary

I received Lettie's book yesterday and didn't want to put it down!   I know many, many folks will be blessed through her gift of writing! - Love, Betty

Definitely an A+! May God richly bless you in your continued ministry in your writing, speaking engagements and your daily Christian life. - Peggy Ball

I must say that I read half of Glimpses of Grace immediately and wished for time to complete it.  I feel sure I will read and re-read it many times as well as recommending it to friends.  - Betty Fox

My husband passed away in March of this year, suddenly without warning (heart attack). I just wanted to let you know your book is amazing, it helped me and gave me hope, I finished it in one day. Only someone who has had to endure this kind of loss can even begin to understand all the emotions you go through. - Donna Dunn Parker

Sat down Saturday afternoon and read your book. It was just wonderful I could not put it down. Your life could be a movie. I don't know if I could have kept my faith as well as you have over all of it. - Paula Keys

I loved your book! You truly portrayed the intimate workings of God for His children. No one knows Him better than those who have walked through the valley with Him. - Vickie Coffey Williams

Your book came at the perfect time. I have cried quite a bit as I read the stories. They are heart-warming/heart-wrenching stories. I feel the pain you experienced as I read them. Thank you,Lettie, for writing these stories about God's grace in your life and in other's lives. I know it must have been painful to put them down on paper. These "glimpses of grace" you have shared are helpful in my grieving process. - Carolyn Rigg

Have I even told you how much I enjoyed your last book? I read it on one evening! I couldn't put it down! God has given you a very special gift! - Vicki Patterson

The Glimpses of Grace touched my heart and will continue to give me hope when dark clouds appear in my life.  I cried for you as you shared those obstacles you encountered, and I rejoiced with you as you allowed God's light to guide you through the maze.  Thank you for such a beautiful book. - Jackie Rodriguez