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I have contributed to seven books, as well as authoring a book called Lessons, Laughter, and Tough Love for our local school system. I have also written for the following publications.

Published Books


Talk Topics and List of Articles


List of Articles


Home Life
Living with Teenagers
The Imaginary Stage
Celebrate Life
Special Education Today
The Lookout
Christian Parenting Today
Open Windows
The War Cry
The Secret Place
Kids Ministry Ideas
Women Alive!
The Plain Truth
SpiritLed Women
Alive for Seniors
Church Musician Today
Christian Home and School
Today’s Christian Woman

Life Journey
Discipleship Journal
The Lutheran
Women of Spirit
Focus on the Family Magazine
Mature Living
Woman’s Touch
Family Digest
Church of God Evangel
Living Light News
Wesleyan Women
On Mission
Christian Living
Evangelizing Today’s Child
Christian Education Counselor


Sample Writings

Two Shades of Grace Me?
Love My Neighbor?
Faith and Farewells
Lessons From Shela
Get Up and Go Beyond Forgiveness
The Christmas Advantage

Giving Thanks
When the Holidays Hurt
Caught in the Middle
Hospitality on the Run
Getting Past the Gimmees
Brochure Cover and Back
Ten D's for Effective Women's Ministry
Training Troops for the Kingdom  

Awards Received

2nd Place in Creative Writing Guild contest, Cleveland, TN
2nd Place in 2003 Southern Christian Writers Conference, Nonfiction
3rd Place in 2002 Southern Christian Writers Conference, Nonfiction
2nd Place in 2001 Southern Christian Writers Conference, Nonfiction
"Best Submission" at LifeWay Writers Workshop, 1995 

Quotes from People

Marcia Swearingen, Freelance Writer: "I took Lettie's Christian Writers' class and it was excellent. Very informative and well worth the money. She connects. I learned more practical, usable information in two sessions than I did in multiple sessions in a university setting. I highly recommend it."

Wendy Brown, former Missionary: "At a recent teacher training conference I attended it was said that Lettie Kirkpatrick was as close to being a Master teacher as one could possibly be this side of glory."

Michael Fink, retired Director of LifeWay Writers Workshop: "Lettie is first of all an excellent writer, so she knows how to communicate effectively. Second, she has mastered all aspects of the religious market as well as anyone I know. But finally and most importantly, she knows how to take a new writer through the basic steps and inspire them to greater achievement. Writers love her for her insightful help and her loving spirit. She's been there and done that, but she never tires of helping others to go there and do that too. What a combination!"

Nancy Simmons Vineyard, Author and Freelance Writer: "Lettie Kirkpatrick eagerly offers encouragement to both published and non-published writers. In her workshops, she offers practical advice along with handouts that you will use again and again."