About Me

In 1995 I completed the Christian Leaders and Speakers Seminar (C.L.A.S.S.) developed by Florence Littaur and in 2016 completed Speakers training through a class at the Cove. I have taught classes for writers at Lifeway Christian Resources, Chattanooga Bible Institute, and Cleveland State College, as well as leading workshops at the Southern Christian Writers Conference (SCWC), Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, and the Southeastern Christian Writers Conference. Several published articles have won awards at the Lifeway Writers Workshops and the SCWC.

A little personal background – I am the mother of four sons. Our only daughter, Shela, died in July, 1993, at age 19 following a lifelong battle against a muscle disease. Tom Kirkpatrick, my husband of 29 years, died of cancer November 1, 2000. In August, 2003 I remarried a widower, Phillip Burress. Phil had a massive stroke in June, 2012 and I was his caregiver until his death in April, 2017. (My book Extravagant Grace for Extraordinary Grief :Devotions from the Refiner’s Fire was formed in those years). I later remarried Jim Whisman a widower and we make our primary home on his goat farm in Hixson, TN. Together, we have 7 children and a dozen grandchildren.

For more information on booking or schedules, reach me on facebook (Lettie Kirkpatrick Whisman) or at this email address.

25 Things About Me

  1. I have a little girl somewhere in me, waiting to be set free.

  2. Living “in the moment” is a struggle for me.

  3. My perfect day would include a long hike with a “buddy”, reading time, and a sandwich at Schlotsky’s, eaten outside. And maybe some chocolate!

  4. I have a mental “to do” list if God ever decides to let me be “God for a day”.

  5. I am a fiercely loyal friend.

  6. Cleaning my tile shower brings out the worst in me.

  7. Aging doesn’t bother me much (senior discounts will help) – I’m all about eternity.

  8. My sons stole my identity (always someone’s mom), but they make me proud.

  9. If you see me, I’m wearing either resale or Goodwill, count on it.

  10. This year I’m working on two character issues: Being content and overcoming grumbling and complaining.

  11. I believe I’ll go to my grave without discovering my “perfect” hairstyle.

  12. My trademark? Matching earrings. Clip-ons.

  13. My passions? Writing, teaching, prayer, discipling women.

  14. My joys? My exceptional husband, my precious grandchildren, family, the mountains, friendships.

  15. My fears? Loss, failing someone who needs me, dying without living.

  16. My weaknesses? Introspective to a fault, super-slow decision maker.

  17. My greatest gift? God’s amazing, redeeming grace —I’ve never gotten over it.

  18. My dreams? To complete section hikes on the Applachian Trail, hike in New Zealand, travel and speak/teach in certain places.

  19. My newest book.

  20. My heart book is still in progress — you’ll have to ask.

  21. If I ever look like I have it all together — it’s a mirage!

  22. I love my cabin!

  23. I take life far too seriously, but I love to laugh.

  24. I love to dance!

  25. I’m glad this is over, writing about myself seems pretty pointless (all these I’s), but it’s actually been kind of fun.

Get in touch – lettiejk@gmail.com